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TRIZ for people: psychological aspects

Nelly Kozyreva
Belarus-TRIZ, Mogilev,  Repablic of Belarus

ETRIA World Conference - TRIZ Future 2003, Aahen, Gemany

”World wide best practices in systematic innovation through automotive industry"

Executive Summary

TRIZ and NLP - two the most powerful methodologies for increasing people's creative level and efficiency of their activity. They appeared and develop independently one from another in the second part of 20 century, however much many instruments of these methods can be are successfully used for expansion and increasing the efficiency of each other. Report is intended for experts of TRIZ and NLP-psychologists.

TRIZ, 9-Windows, NLP, Re-framing
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Training technique of  TRIZ elements

with the help of a toy "Bob of toy" (Webbles)


                                                                            Nelly Kozyreva, Belarus-TRIZ

Thesises of the report  ETRIA World conference "TRIZ FUTURE 2002 ", Strasbourg, 6-8 November, 2002.



One of basic elements TRIZ are the laws of technical system evolution and Altshuller’s Inventive Principles [1]. In the TRIZ-literature each Inventive Principle and the law is illustrated by examples from different areas of engineering. The training takes place on a verbal channel of perception, with a support of abstract thinking (the student should present a situation, stated to the teacher, and then "to see" in it model of a task, contradiction and way of its elimination with the help of Inventive Principle. Such technique is designed for a wide technical outlook and high level of abstract thinking of the students.

In this work the new technique of training is offered. Its differences are described:

1. A situation of success is specially created: by use as examples only patents for a toy.

2. Two channels of perception are used simultaneously: visual and verbal.

3. The training to Altshuller’s Inventive Principle is developed  on one "through" object - toy "Bob of toy" (MKI A 63Н 15/06).

4. Dividing of a lesson into stages of passive, semi-active, active mastering of a material and feedback.

5. During training the students create own "inventions".

6. The feedback (self-rating of a level of the decision of the task) is applied as a research task: to find a place to the technical decision in fund of the known inventions (educational card file).

7. At a stage of an active  mastering the listener sequentially will use the contents of a method for problem solving in close (toy), mean (subjects of a household activities) and distant (social systems) areas.

8. For training to the laws of technical system evolution the special table is used.

Let's consider more in detail some components of a technique:

1.0.   Creation a situation of success
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N. Kozyreva

Creativity is an act of creation of a world from nothing


"CREATING HUMAN CAPITAL" lifelong learning for the knowledge society

26-29 september, Finland, Helsinki


. "The Education consists not only of the development of memory and enlightenment of mind.

A main problem of Education - to learn to control the desires ".


Last years the problem of training of creativity, extension of creative capabilities people is considered as a most effective way of an active development of the personality. And a concept "creativity" is more and more often used in a more comprehensive sense: as the ability of a man to build his life more flexible,  as a capacity to find alternate versions of the solutions of problems, as a capacity to achieve success in implementation of the ideas.

Today world faces problems of huge, universal value, which require to be solved. Obsolete methods of solution of these problems are unsuccessful.  So we should obviously learn to change the way of thinking. We are simply forced to study to think in a new way. 

Many people now combat, struggle to divide among themselves restricted resources of planet, materials, money, territory. It is a way of destruction.

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Capabilities of training adult and children to elements of TRIZ in places of mass rest


Nelly Kozyreva, Belarus-TRIZ

Thesises of the report  ETRIA World conference "TRIZ FUTURE 2002 ", Strasbourg, 6-8 November, 2002.



The important task for the teacher of TRIZ is a search of own examples for an illustration of the basic statutes of this theory, accessible for his students to understand. In 1988, making patent searching on toys "Bob of toy", I have noticed that in many of them the Altshuller’s Inventive Principles are used [1], and then began to create a card file of schemes on toys - inventions. The idea to create an exhibition of toys for training children and adults to TRIZ elements was born in 1993, when the information on DisneyLand construction projekt in Minsk has appeared in press. I have thought, that when we collect at one place - at the constantly working exhibition - ALL toys, ever patented in the world, it is possible to create on the basis of these toys a Centre of TRIZ training. Belarus government rejected DisneyLand construction projekt, but I continued my work on the idea to combine TRIZ training of children and adults with rest and entertainment [2]. "The Exhibition of toys - inventions" can be created in entertainment parks, for example, in DisneyLand or Aquaparks. These organizations are interested in differing from other similar establishments by any "highlight". The training of creativity with rest at the same time can be interesting offer for them.

1.0. Connection of the theory and practice

During teaching activity on TRIZ training of kindergartens tutors, teachers of physics and engineers I created techniques of training to Altshuller’s Inventive Principles and laws of technical system evolution with use of toys [3]. So the game technique of training children to Typical Principles of fantasy "TEREMOK" was developed [4, 5]. The own practice convinces me that training to TRIZ elements in the game form is realy possible, but it is not sufficient. It is necessary to teach our students to apply TRIZ and to realize ideas in life.

Psychologists think: last years the problem of training of creativity, extension of creative capabilities people is considered as a most effective way of an active development of the personality. And a concept "creativity" is more and more often used in a more comprehensive sense: as the ability of a man to build his life more flexible, as a capacity to find alternate versions of the solutions of problems, as a capacity to achieve success in implementation of the ideas [6]. Professor of psychology and education from Yell University R. Sternberg believes that the successful creativity in life is not reduced only to ability to generate new ideas. He offers to develop at the people three various components of making successful self-realizations [7]:

1. Actually creative: skill to find new interesting ideas to leave for frameworks of the accepted norms, to see latent for other opportunity.

2. Analytical: ability to analyze and to estimate ideas to expect consequences of new ideas, to solve problems and to accept the decisions.

3. Practical: skill to realize ideas. Even the most magnificent idea is useless, while it is not embodied in the real world as the effective solution, while it does not bring the results.

TRIZ offers us ready tools to develop a creative and analytical components of success: Altshuller’s Inventive Principles and Standards, 9-Windows, laws of technical system evolution. It is necessary "to add" a practical part and learn to realize ideas!

We propose to organize the special exhibitions - exposition of the toys - inventions for system realization of training to develop creative analytical practical thinking. They can be situated at places of mass rest of adults and children: DisneyLands, Aquaparks. It is necessary to create such an environment, in which every person can not only learn to develop the abilities, but also to realize the creative ideas. We can connect system resources of education, entertainment industry and venture capital for people training  at the time of rest and entertainment.

2.0.  Project "The Exhibition of toys - inventions"


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The table for diagnostic and forecasting of the development of Technical system.


Nelly Kozyreva, Belarus-TRIZ

Thesises of the report  ETRIA World conference "TRIZ FUTURE 2002 ", Strasbourg, 6-8 November, 2002.



The known theorists of TRIZ – G. Altshuller, B. Zlotin, Yu. Salamatov, V. Petrov - offer the versions of the laws of technical system evolution [1-4]. The important task for the teacher of TRIZ is training the students to various variants of the laws, lines of development and forecasting of development  systems. For the presentation of training we develop the table. It is overlapping of a structural matrix and circuit of laws of technical system evolution [5, 6]. It allows to systematize in one visually foreseeable document set of all technical decisions of a system used Altshuller’s Inventive Principles, to diagnose a stage of development of a system and it  subsystems, to predict their further evolution on a basis of TRIZ and to carry out a training.

1.0. Description of the table

The tab.1 (see at the end) is made during a training to the laws of technical system evolution on an example of a toy "Bob of toy" МКI A 63 Н 15/06. In cells of the table numbers of the inventions of our educational fund of the inventions are written down.

1.1       On a vertical axis of the tab.1 the laws of technical system evolution  in the temporary order (on stages  of its development) are located. The serial number of a stage of development, its name, basic law, working at this stage is written down. The formulation of the law is given by Yu. Salamatov [2]. The stages of development are specially located on lines "from below - upwards". On our sight, the man visually perceives "development" as a process directed "upwards". The stages 1-7 evidently show action of the law of increasing the degree of ideality of technical systems.

1.2       On a horizontal axis of the table the stages of realization of the law of transition a system structure from macro- to microlevel and the law of increase of a degree sufield  are located.   That the lines of the development a "substance" and a field always were "before eyes of the students" at training and forecasting, we write down in this part of the table  the formulation, which are offered in works [1-3]. So, a line of development a "substance" we show as follows (on stages): Continuous (sites - details) - floppy (hinge joint) – splitting - Layered - fibrous - matrix - capillaries-porous materials -Fine particles-Units of molecules-Molecules - atoms – ions.

1.3. The formulation of the basic processes, which occur to a system, is written down in cells (tab.2) on the crossing of a line (stage of development) and a column (stages of a transition of a system structure from macro- to microlevel) [2]. 

The table 2: an example of filling of a cell of the table


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The Webbles  teaches ... to invent! 
How to develop one’s creativity
Nelly Kozyreva

This book is intended for individual work of those people who are fond of accomplishing creative tasks: for engineers and inventors, students of technical colleges and universities, students of high schools.

The book gives examples and tasks aimed at studying one of the instruments of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) – inventor’s typical principles.

                This theory was devised in the USSR and involves standard principles applied for solving  technical contradictions. The principles and examples mentioned in this book will help university professors and supervisors of technical creativity groups to organize teaching TRIZ.

This book is also intended for everyone who wants to develop one’s creativity, who wants to be inventor!


Nelly Kozyreva. The Webbles teaches ... to invent! Or How to develop one’s creativity. – Moscow, 2007

©  Nelly Kozyreva, 2007

 You may read same articles from the manuscript of the book



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110g30The Technique of training of creative thinking by the board games with fairy tales  "Teremok"

Kozyreva Nelly, FOURTH INTERNATIONAL LLinE CONFERENCE 26 – 28 SEPTEMBER 2001 IN HELSINKI. CREATING HUMAN CAPITAL: lifelong learning for the knowledge society


Now, solving a problem of human personality’s increase, the psychologists often pay attention to the development of creative capabilities. Various methods of the development of a creative potential of a person are designed in the Theory of the Solution of inventor's Problems (TRIZ, Russia, writer – G.S.Altshuller).

It is known, that the usage of game techniques sharply increases the effectiveness of any training. The therapy by fairy tales successfully develops as one of the directions of a psychotherapy.

It is proposed to use specially designed technique - board game with fairy tales "Teremok" as a didactic material for training of creative thinking.  A complete set of a board game contains:

1.Cards with plots of fairy tales. In each plot  one of the protagonists is missed (is not drawn).

2.Cards with the   heroes in various emotional conditions.

The tasks for development of creative thinking  using the "Teremok" game are published in the book [1].

The technique allows:
TRIZ for children, creative thinking,  creative imagination, Teaching TRIZ, TRIZ-pedagogical, training technique of TRIZ-tools  for pre-school, learning TRIZ,  fantasy principals, methodic of TRIZ, for  kinder 4-7 years,
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Economical strategic board game   «I choose Success!»


                                                    Kozyreva Nelly, the patent of Russia for the invention № 2111785 "Board game"

The game promotes

·         forming the interest to innovative activity

·         making the positive attitude to creativity ideas

·         to comprehend the role of "IDEA" and its significance in all chain of goods cycle  - from idea up to its implementation for new toys.


The game acquaints children of about 9 years and adults with main characters of modern Economics and allows playing such roles as an Inventor, Industrialist, Businessman and Banker.

The game is for 3-4 Players. In the visual and entertaining form it trains the role operating of these people in all cycle from creation of the goods till its sale (choosing  the goods for creation by the Inventor - choosing the goods for production by the Industrialist - choosing the goods for purchase by the Businessman - etc.). The game teaches to estimate the transactions during the production of idea, goods, and services and to correlate it to the contribution of other people, to take into account for its practicality for the society. The game acquaints with taxes which are in Russia and promotes increase of economical literacy and people activity.

The players can change the rules supply, thus modeling different economic conditions. The personal experience of simulation of different economic conditions allows at once feeling the dynamic of game changes by your own will. To win it is necessary to learn not only working out own strategy, but also to change it relaxed, watching for changes of the situation. From this point of view this game can be named «Economical chess» as it promotes development of strategic business way of mind and change of tactics.


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L'exposition mondiale fonctionnant constamment – musée

des jouets - des inventions  (TRIZ)

©  Kozyreva Nelly,

Il est proposé d'élaborer et réaliser le Projet: la création du Centre de l'enseignement des enfants à l'oeuvre-l'exposition - musée des jouets brevetés.

Le but de l'exposition - recueillir tous  les jouets et les brevetés du monde, (le jouet, pour qui on reçoit le brevet d'invention - est reconnu de la nouveauté, ayant au niveau supérieur mondial, et l'originalité) et apprendre les enfants et les adultes à la base des jouets - inventions :

-          se servir des accueils créateurs (les outils TRIZ) pour l'invention des nouvelles idées dans les domaines techniques et littéraires de l'oeuvre;

-          les habitudes de la réalisation des idées, la réalisation de ceux-ci dans la vie.

On peut créer une telle exposition dans les parcs des distractions - par exemple, le Centre de scientifigue et technigue (Le Vaisseau), park de l’eau, Futuroskope, le Disneyland,... À l'enseignement populaire des enfants et leurs parents aux accueils de l'oeuvre, la génie inventeur (TRIZ) et la fabrication des jouets, inventés par eux, (les contes, l'imaginaire), l'acquisition de l'effet systémique est possible : l'éducation de la génération de la jeunesse énergique et créatrive, capable a décider indépendamment les tâches créatives.

La devise de L'exposition:

«Tout, ce que il y a ici – n ‘est qu’une petite partie de possible»

«Ce que est, non absolument meilleur de possible»

«Tu PEUX inventer aussi un nouveau jouet»

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Methods of Teaching TRIZ Principles Through an Toy-Example21


Nelly Kozyreva, TRIZ teacher, nellydelf@rambler.ru
Elena Novitskaya, designer, nov_ell@hotmail.com


 The Altshuller-formulated principles of resolving contradictions are the most popular TRIZ tool. How is it usually taught? The explanation of the tool gist is normally accompanied by examples from various, chiefly technical areas. A student must imagine the situation presented by a teacher (which implies the knowledge of peculiarities of various constructions from multiple branches of technology), "discern” the model of a problem and the model of its solving with the aid of a principle. This demands a very high level of abstract thinking of a student, the ability to focus on a topical problem and to easily switch over to a next problem, as well as other special thinking abilities which are not characteristic of all students.


How can we facilitate the understanding and mastering of a principle by a student? It would be useful to ease his analytical apparatus of comprehending a large number of example problems and to use the released efforts in a more useful direction. For this purpose, a single through example is very suitable. A student must focus on thorough understanding of an example only once. Then he only adds new facts to the formed system of notions.

But how can we find such an example? A through example must comply with some requirements:

1.        It must be equally effective for illustrating the maximal number of principles.

2.        The object used in the example must possess a potential for unlimited transformations.

3.        The patent fund for the selected object must be rich enough.

4.        The structure and the manner of operation of the object must be easy to understand.

5.        The example must be interesting for any category of students.


see...»   13

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