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About games "Teremok”:

1-TTRIZ-tools  for develop thinking skills, imagination, speech for children aged 3 to 7 years d


Nelly Kozyreva, Dr. Psychology


In preschool pedagogy, board games (a variety of educational games) are the means, method and form of training, educating and developing a child. Nelly Kozyreva, Dr. Psychology, has created a series of developing games "Teremok" for children aged 3 to 7 years.


The games are based on the plots of author's and folk tales familiar to the target age children. The game set includes cardboard cards illustrating the key scenes of the tales, and additional inserts. The tale subjects are pictured on both sides of each card. There are holes of various geometrical shapes and sizes in the cards. Each hole is in place of one of the characters. The characters themselves are depicted on separate cardboard inserts and their shapes correspond to that of the holes in the cards. The number of inserts is much greater than that of the cards, which makes it possible to choose which of the characters to put on a "vacant place" in order to cover the hole. The accompanying book contains methodical recommendations and description of the basic games with one set of the games: 17 games for children aged 3 to 4 years, 35 games for children aged 4 to 5 years and 44 games for the age group 5 to 7 years.

!!! The registrations’ guests may download all text and pictures on page...»

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19TRIZ-Principle No 13      Inversia

from book  © Nelly Kozyreva. The Webbles  teaches ... to invent! Or How to develop one’s creativity. Moscow, 2010

The book's content see http://kozyreva.ucoz.ru/load/36-1-0-88

The TRIZ-principle № 1  "Segmentation” http://kozyreva.ucoz.ru/load/36-1-0-88

a) to accomplish the opposite action instead of an action provided for in a task;

b) to make the moving part of an object or environment get motionless and make motionless part get moving;

c) to turn an object "upside down”, to turn it inside out


For studying this principle we will also use inversia, i.e. we will start with the point 13c - to turn an object "upside down”. "But if the Webble is put on its head, it will fall”, you may think and you’ll be absolutely right. The ordinary Webble will fall, but if a freight turns out to be in its head which stands on the surface, then these will be inventions according to USSR patents No 1347961, No 645661, No 1349762.


These toys can not only stand on their heads but also rock on them. They will have different shape and diapason of motions depending on whether they rock on the head or on the base.

What lets these toys stand and rock on their heads?

see... »


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Kozyreva Nelly


"A Technique of training of creative thinking by the board games with fairy tales  "TEREMOK of FAIRY TALES" d-2



lifelong learning for the knowledge society  26-29 september, 2001, Finland, Helsinki



Now, solving a problem of human personality’s increase, the psychologists often pay attention to the development of creative capabilities. Various methods of the development of a creative potential of a person are designed in the Theory of the Solution of inventor's Problems (TRIZ, Russia, author – G. Altshuller).

It is known, that the usage of game techniques sharply increases the effectiveness of any training. The therapy by fairy tales successfully            develops as one of the directions of a psychotherapy. I propose to use specially designed technique - board game with fairy tales "Teremok" as a didactic material for training of creative thinking. 

A complete set of a board game contains: 1 T                             


Kozyreva- reports and articles | Просмотров: 746 | Загрузок: 2 | Добавил: kozyreva | Дата: 20.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

N. Kozyreva

Creativity is an act of creation of a world from nothing


"CREATING HUMAN CAPITAL" lifelong learning for the knowledge society

26-29 september, Finland, Helsinki


. "The Education consists not only of the development of memory and enlightenment of mind.

A main problem of Education - to learn to control the desires ".


Last years the problem of training of creativity, extension of creative capabilities people is considered as a most effective way of an active development of the personality. And a concept "creativity" is more and more often used in a more comprehensive sense: as the ability of a man to build his life more flexible,  as a capacity to find alternate versions of the solutions of problems, as a capacity to achieve success in implementation of the ideas.

Today world faces problems of huge, universal value, which require to be solved. Obsolete methods of solution of these problems are unsuccessful.  So we should obviously learn to change the way of thinking. We are simply forced to study to think in a new way. 

Many people now combat, struggle to divide among themselves restricted resources of planet, materials, money, territory. It is a way of destruction.

Kozyreva- reports and articles | Просмотров: 439 | Загрузок: 2 | Добавил: kozyreva | Дата: 20.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

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